Healthy People 2020 Goals for the Top Three Chronic Diseases

  • Improve cardiovascular health and quality of life through the detection and treatment of risk factors; early identification and treatment of heart attacks and strokes and prevention of recurrent cardiovascular events.

  • Through prevention programs, reduce the disease and economic burden of diabetes, and improve the quality of life for all persons who have or are at risk for diabetes.

  • Reduce the number of new cancer cases as well as the illness, disability and death caused by cancer

                                                        Chronic Disease Prevention Programs

 Chronic Disease Prevention Prevention information available on the following chronic (long term) diseases.

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer


100 years ago the majority of people died from infectious diseases. Today we are dying from chronic (long term) illnesses. The top three chronic illnesses that are killing Americans are cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. The variable that is consistent with all three illnesses is the condition of overweight and obesity. We are literally dying from illnesses based on our lifestyle choices. Lack of exercise, “super- sized” or large portions of food are contributing to overweight and obesity. Public Health provides chronic disease prevention education information by individual request and community events such as the Weston County Health Fair, Weston County Fair & Seasonal Flu Clinics.  The focus of our programs is on primary prevention where related risk factors are addressed including physical activity, nutrition, obesity, elevated blood pressure, and elevated blood cholesterol.

                                    Strategies for Preventing Chronic Disease

                                                 Not smoking

                   Improved dietary habits such as reducing fat consumption

                             Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption

                                  Physical activity and weight control