Healthy People 2020 Goals:

To strengthen and sustain communities’ abilities to prevent, protect against, mitigate the effects of, respond to, and recover from incidents with negative health effects.




Public health preparedness is the ability of the public health system, community, and individuals to prevent, protect against, quickly respond to, and recover from health emergencies, particularly those in which scale, timing, or unpredictability threatens to overwhelm routine capabilities."

Weston County Public Health is involved in planning and training for response to emergencies that endanger the health of the public. In addition, Public Health works with many different agencies at the local to State level in planning effective, coordinated responses.

Public Health Response

Floods, chemical spills, disease outbreaks and pandemics are all incidents to which Public Health responds. This is because these types of disasters threaten the health of the public.

Public Health's role in response efforts include assisting with disease surveillance, providing recommendations for the response  or providing vaccine clinics to increase disease resistance. Public Health can also provide information to the public regarding the threat, and what actions people threatened or affected should take.