Healthy People 2020 Goals 

  • Improve pregnancy planning, spacing and prevent unintended pregnancy.

  • Promote responsible sexual behavior.

  • Promote abstaining from sexual intercourse or use condoms if currently sexually active.

  • Prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and their complication. 



                                                            Family Planning Services

                                              Pregnancy Tests

                                        Birth Control Supplies


Depo Provera

                                        Birth Control Pills



                                Procedures for Enrolling in Family Planning Services:

  1. Choose a provider to perform your physical exam .After your exam has been completed, the medical provider will write notes regarding your medical history and physical exam and orders for your birth control

  2. We will need your medical provider to fax a copy of your medical history/physical exam and orders for birth control to: 307-746-4774

  3. We will call you when we receive the above documents to schedule an appointment. During this appointment you will meet with the nurse for program orientation, health education and required paperwork. We cannot distribute birth control to individuals who are not enrolled in our program.

  4. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call (307)-746-4775 ext. 0